GenoSensor Education:

BioScience Education Division

GenoSensor Education Kits Use Real World Scenarios to Teach Bioscience Concepts and Techniques


GenoSenor Education Kits come in a wide variety of subjects, from Forensics to Medicine, from Agriculture to Environmental Science. We have the right kit for your classroom.


Basic Level

Perfect for students just learning about molecular biology. Basic Level kits help students learn the concepts and techniques required for more advanced classes. 

Level I

Level I Kits are all about simple Restriction Digestions allowing students to learn molecular biology concepts and techniques using real world scenarios while not requiring the use of more expensive equipment

Level II

Level II Kits introduce students to more complex techniques and equipment, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), while still using the same real world scenarios of Level I.

Level III

Level III Kits let students collect and use their own DNA samples from the environment they are studying, just like a professional lab would. Here students use Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to amplify their collected DNA samples. These kits let students see what it's like to run the same experiments used in labs across the world everyday. 

There's a GenoSensor Education Kit for your class